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Final Project
Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 @ 7:55 PM |

Please watch and give likes for my final project with my group mates. :)Enjoy. Thank you

That Guy
Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2014 @ 1:33 AM |

Hey everyone. Today i would like to share about a guy whom I recently know. This post will be more like a story about him.


    One day, on a day with bright sunlight and humid here in Malaysia, my phone rang with Infinite's song "Destiny". I picked up. It was Aiza, my closest friend whom i treated her like my younger sister. "Hey sis! I have stories to tell you. You wouldn't believe it that I told you i have found your dream guy. He is the closest character that almost have everything in your ideal-type list."

I tried to ignore every guy who tried to be friends with me ever since my recent broke up. I fed up with guys nowadays because they are all pretty much the same. The word same is that they like to do whatever they want and did not respect what I wanted in relationship. Yes, this is what i meant in my dictionary. Even though I was annoyed with her exaggerated about the guy i still asked who he was. She exclaimed that she just met him because her brother brought along his 2 seniors to their home. That was pretty shocked though.

Aiza was right. He has most of my ideal type lists. He is really tall, 182cm. Aiza told me he is one of the top students in his school plus he is also popular for his good looks with fair skin, known for being a smarty pants and a trouble maker at school. The part that really attracted me was that he is witty and cheeky. I like a guy that really knows how to make jokes and a bit sneaky.

The next day, Aiza told him about me. She is the type that doesn't know shames. She has a bubbly character, love to smiles and easy to fit in with others. I started to ask her more about him ever since. I asked pretty much about himself and his family. I thought I was the only one who was willingly to know more about him and thats why i held my feelings for him.

I got a message from him at asianfanfics.com site. We started chatting with each other asking questions, getting to know more about each other. It was so awkward but that helps lead us for being friends. Sometimes I felt tingles in my heart, butterflies in my stomach because of him. I knew a lot about him including his dark past story. Same as him. I shared my nightmare story to him and he was really cared about me. I was confused with his attitudes towards me. He seems so nice but I do know that he wanted to achieve his dreams first and not going for a relationship. I do too ever since what happened with my recent broke up.

I wish we will be friends forever. I wish we will meet up again 10 years later like what he has told me.

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