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28th Nov
Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 @ 2:02 AM |

---Hanna n Sarah---
---The 3 sisters ------Sarah n Me---

The day i went to Alamanda to meet my precious Friend
Her name is Hanna Qistina,
yes, we are close friend, naww hanna, u looked soo great and adorable
Actually, she lied to her mommy and quietly went to meet us
syira and sarah LOLZ
Her mom actually in Alamanda's MPH bookstore, hanna saw her
ok ok ok too loong

Sarah came late, as usual.. :P
and we went for movies, Puss in Boots..
naww puss, u r soo adorable
then we went for lunch at Sushi KIng!
yes hanna n i know how to use chopsticks,
except for sarah
ok2, we went searching for Cotton Candy,
but SOLD OUT already
man, so i've bought bubble gum for Photoshoot time

ps: someone said "Look! It's Najwa Latif!" seriously? in Alamanda?
pointing to me?

♥craziest moments in my life♥

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