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open my secret diary

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 4:24 PM |

my crush
I know this guy
and i know every single girl at his school likes him
he is
cute, korean-ish, senior already, tall, gentleman? not really
Gudluck for ur SPM,
i always wish u the best
get 3A's and i get u something
i was happy bcuz u still remember my promise
u said okay when i asked u to hangout
and i just can't wait to see you
---i love you boy---

chased by a boy
Let the funny part begin,
lately, a boy named ***** im me at facebook
everyday when he sees me online la
he is
short, cute (not as cute as my crush), my junior, sweet talk
he always always always
i love you
---i'm sorry , i don't know if i can accept you boy---

sweet cousin
Honestly, i have lots of cousins and all boys
every raya, when i meet him, he made my day
not like others, teased me all the time
i told Eyfa about this and she said,
you can marry him if you like him
lolz eyfa2, i love him like my other half, ok lets say
only just in my mind, don't know what in his mind
---you're the best---

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