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Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 7:35 PM |

Since I came back to Malaysia, I always do house chores. T___T
Its kinda suck but oh well, only 2 more months left till new year and new school. The beginning of my new life, new friends and being a 16 years old girl. How fast time goes by right?
Sitting at home watching tv and online, without socialite with friends?? WORST!!!
I cant used my phone bcuz i need to recharge it and i cant. My charger is with Sarah right now,
"sarah, give me back my charger!" :P
I also miss Melbourne soo much, Yifan, i'm sooo soorryy bcuz i am still, hasn't called u. Jane, stacey, i miss ur laugh and story and ur big mouth with ur big nose.

Perfect Two, song by Auburn will kept the memories forever. I promised <3

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