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Korean virus
Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 10:15 PM |

I have a twin, but we do not have the same father nor mother. We just us being a twin and proud of it, right Qina??
Her name is Puteri Rossyauqina bt Megat Ahmad Tarmizi. This is her blog.
Back to the point, since I always stayed at home, korean virus infected me. Every 12pm I watched Full House korean drama at NTV7, @ 3 pm i'll switch to channed 708 Brilliant Legacy and at 5pm, Pasta time!. All of them are korean drama. Not only drama that has had me hooked on, but Boyfriend boyband also made my heart melt. hehehe
But I am lucky to have twin that can share our interest together.
love you soo much twin.
eventhough u love Ukiss and i love my Boyfriend :3

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