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Story of Aidil Adha
Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 @ 7:23 PM |

I have this cousin, he is my closest cousin ever. Same age, same interest, same phone, same height and we want the same fixie bike. :D He knows what i want and we tell all our story when we meet. :P i miss him right now
But i also have this cousin, he's kinda shy but when he speak about my weight, he annoyed me. Hate when he said that. But we're the same age.
I take ur word of challenge to lose weight. I promised i will make everyone shocked. Just wait and see.

By the way, insyaallah this Friday, Syira's Cupcake will open for business. There will be Chocolate Moist, Marble and Fruity Cheese cupcakes. All Rm2. You can choose whether you want it plain(without icing) for RM1.50.
More info on the website. I hope you all can support me.

ps: Should i buy iphone, blackberry or LG lollipop??

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