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open my secret diary

stupid tears
Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 @ 3:14 PM |

i know that you love her, my own bestfriend
you made me feels like there's
a knife stabbed through my heart
it hurts
i showed u my blog
and it's about her

i said
hey, look at my blog, it's yifan
i know she is pretty
but i want to marry her!! go away
u want to know her better right??
but we can be closed ok??

you said
aww, it's yifan!! so cute
i want to marry her too
yes, i want know her lots but
i'm soo shy
i can't speak English fluently
erm.. ok la..

Honestly, i love you. I know you knew bcuz i've already told u. But why can't u see that i was soo ashamed of myself. That's why i said
Sorry, i lost ur phone no.
You were suspicious but still giving me ur no.
I acted like i help u to get her to be urs.. bcuz i wnt u to be happy
She's living in a far far place and why can't u give a chance to someone that love u??
i hate when u acted like this after u're current brake up
it's wrong judging by people's face but not knowing their hearts

-----i wished that u read this-----

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