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sweet S.A
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 @ 3:47 PM |

sweet S.A ??? it means
Secret Admire
ok, currently i have 3 secret admires but
only one that i like, the rest of them...
urghhh i don't know what words can fit them
disgusting?? annoying?? plain boring??
ok, he texted me yesterday

i trust him, he's going to his hostel to study
thats why he wanted my no.
but i said, give me urs, and i'll text u
but i didn't actually.. until late afternoon
lolololz.. eventhough u asked me in the morning

---Full House---
what?? i was shocked bcuz he likes watching
korean dramas, specially Full House and My princess
and i just love when he cares for me (secret)
also when he says, bye2 my princess :3

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