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Yifan my ♥
Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 @ 2:28 AM |

Yifan, my sweetheart
she is
very very pretty, funny, very bright girl, CLEVER, bubbly and
she always made my day,
every single day when we hangout,
she knows lots of ways to make everyone laugh
and right now i miss her heaps
just now, i like her status and she send this

Like for:
• Name: syira
• How old you look: 16-17
• Rate: 10 ++ ♥
• Would I text you: yess of course ... ... ...
• Would I date you: haha sure :D
• Would I give you another chance: yess
• Are we close: OF COUSE :D althought youre all the way in Malay
• The name I call you: syira
• Are you worth my time: yesss
• Would i talk to you: of couseeee pleease talk to me on facebook
• Would i hug or kiss you: hugg ♥
• Do I love you: of course
• Do I miss you: yesss :(
• What are we: bessties, friendss, buddies , oversea friends
• Do i like your profile picture: you look SOO CUTE NAWW :')
• Do i trust you: yessss
• To be honest: best person to tell my problems to
• First Impression: never knew we'd become friends
• Have you ever made me laugh: yess, we always laughed together and at eachother hahaha
• Have you ever made me mad: nahh
• Would i marry you on fb: yes
• Should you put this as your status: sure why not?

---you're everything to me---

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