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open my secret diary

Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 @ 6:06 PM |

I've found Sarah Tsiros facebook!!
so, i hurriedly click add as friend..
and today her twin Stacey Tsiros added me...
i was soo soo soo happy!!!
FINALLY they've got their own facebook

You guys dont know them??
ok let me tell u:

Sarah Tsiros (younger)
she's nice and she is lot more mature than her older twin
she's very creative and she's smart
but she always ask me and i realized she's not confident about herself
dear sarah, be confident ok??

Stacey Tsiros (older)
she's always made me laugh,
we were sitting side by side in every class
lol nery n jane was ignored if they sit with stacey
well, stacey is a trouble maker...
hahah but she's made my day.. and i love her sooo much
Lol.. :P

how i miss going to her house, making cupcakes for the selling.
we were supporting her Dad's charity to the African's needed people
they have food shortage, less clean water and they live soo differently then us
how excited when we got 350 dollars for that charity..
i miss helping people like that, and stacey's dad was sooo happy!!!
and her mom is the best!!!
dear Helen, i miss ur food.. u r the best CHEF ever....
and thanx for teaching us making muffins
and because of u, i have my own cupcakes business

But still, my best of best friend doesn't has a facebook
her dad is soo strict..
jane, i miss u a lot...
i still remember when u cried hugging me before i leave
miss all the memories we've been together..

and Merry Christmas to my all christian friends..
and thanx for the Christmas wishing card u gave me last 2 years..
may one of u converted to Muslim..

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