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Free Header's For you!
Posted on Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 4:08 PM |

~Click This~

♥Assalamualaikum chinggus! Annyeong♥
Sebenarnya, Syu ade la tagged syira msok contest nie,
da lame da pon. So, arini syira rajin sgt2.. bgon pagi,
teros teringat kat contest ni. Masok pon xkan menang la..

~ Free header for you ~

Have a look at the description:
~Must have a blog
~Must follow his blog
~Make an entry about this SEGMEN,then link it to this post.
~Make sure u put the banner's in
~Letak link blog dalam bahagian comment
~Please take not. He's not accepting short url link eg. ajhskjhd.blogspot.com
~If there are no 10++ contestants, it'll be closed.
~Please tag 3 friends.

Friends I chose:
1. kak nas
3.eyfa vee

Awesome price:

~ Free Edited Blogskin : 4 contestant will be chosen by random.org
~ Free Header with your Own Choice : 20 contestant also will be chosen by random.org

----- Cepat Masok Contest nie! Tarikh tutup 15/12/2011-----

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