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korean all day
Posted on Sunday, December 18, 2011 @ 5:24 AM |

annyeong chiggus :)
have u all read the title??
heheh let me explain:

I went to Alamanda yesterday and bought this rm100 korean dvd.
it is called "Naughty Kiss" or "Playful Kiss"
heheh love it love it
Kim Hyun Joong is the hottest guy ever
actually, i have fallen for him when i saw "Lucky Guy" mv.
aww love him soo much..
I have spent my whole day watching 5 episodes for about 6 hours length.

Oh yes,
i've got 2 pairs of school uniform, and a pair of school shoes.
and!!! I am a 9 size feet same goes with my brother..
hehhe, so we decided to exchange our shoes in every single day...

i am wearing my school shoes n he's wearing his.
Tomorrow, i'll be wearing his shoes, he'll be wearing mines ^^
FYI, we bought different style of shoes.

Then, i saw these 3 guys...
they were all good looking

first guy: covered his head with hoodie, glasses hanging on his head, and he is Zizan raja lawak look alike ^^
middle guy: wore a cap, blue plaid shirt
last guy: hermm nothing to say... bcuz hes not a hot looking hahahha

but the funny part is, the middle guy's voice was eeeeuuuwww
he sounds gay...
i mean, literally, i heard he's talking to his friends, sounds soo girlish
i was given him 100% macho's but then it turn down to 60%
well, my brother turns down flat 0%
hahhaha we were laughing out loud :P

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