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My bedroom
Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 @ 6:22 PM |


hey everyone.. how r u??
Its been a long day my blog without newer post.
I went to IKEA ^^ to buy wall shelves, mirror, noticeboard, study lamp
and there are lots of them
My brother did the drill and i've done the screw and everything..
it was a hard work!! my hands dried out and turned really red..
Have a look at my bedroom..

view from entrance door ^^

behind the door and view from my bed
display photos with teddies and books at the bottom shelf

this is my plain wall turns out with paper butterflies and the night light makes them fly
perfect for me

KRABB mirror, wavely and really hard to install it -______-
and i realized i have a really high wall
so i've decided to use this designs

this is what so called flower lanterns..
but i definitely changed it to wall display tissue paper flower :P
really made the high wall pretty

display photos of me..
really cute and sexy me :P

my study side, got some photos, noticeboard, study lamp on table etc

my overseas friends, and local friends..
really need to put them on the display
reminds me of them everyday
miss u n love use <333

notice this??
this is my study chair :P
its really bouncy and round n BLUE

thats it, my bedroom
hope u enjoyed touring my room
and have a good day BYE2
im going to Morib Gold Coast ToDAY!!
studio suits waiting for me, the sexy beach wanna me to play, and the swimming pool slides Love ME

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and have fun reading