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Next Raya
Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 4:20 AM |

~ if there's a punching bag, i would imagine it's you ~

AT 5.00pm today
I was soo mad with my cousin!!!
seriously, how can he said
"no wonder ur body like that"
after i told him i wanna go to bed
okay fine, i know i have curve body,
but i am trying to lose weight n getting my dream body
with an abs, how perfect would that be
i hate it everytime he said the WORST word ever

then, we made a deal, next raya
he wants to see the new me, thinner me, prettier me
and if i success, he will give me RM10
if i lose, I gave him 2 cupcakes
but i dont care about the RM10, but what i care the most is
just u wait and see cuz..
till we meet again next raya

---so, starting tomorrow, i will post about my diet plan---

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