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PMR results
Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 10:02 PM |

Wondering what i get for my pmr??
no A's, no B's nor C's....

what do i mean by that??
i don't have to take pmr because i was late coming back to Malaysia
so i have no right to take the examination and fyi, i only have 2 months to study.
What's the point taking that examination if u haven't study for 2 years...

Ok the happy part is,
all my bestfriends get the BEST result ever!!
all above 5A's and 2 of them get the TOP marks!!!awww how happy i am
soo soo soo soo happy and pleased
Alhamdulillah i have friends that are SMART!!

I have imagined me studying late nights, then burst my head of answering all the questions..
Then, about a month waiting for the results coming out, the time comes.
i'll be probably get 5a's?? 8a's??? or maybe no A's??
Allah the greatest and he can give u the best result if u study hard

two more weeks till NEW YEARs EVE!!
new year, new resolution, new school etc.
Overall, new everything
why do everything has to be new??
including new boyfriend??
new bestfriend??

I just want a very good new Year on the 2012
new me, being skinny before next raya!!
why does life be soo hard
and why cant i achieved this long term goal??
but why do people be soo smart easily??
and not losing weight easily???
wishing me luck for next year.. k ;)

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