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1st Post on 2012
Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2012 @ 7:54 PM |

Assalamualaikum to all readers ^^
Syira is back!! WHO?? The author of this blog of course. "Im soo sorry" taken from Lies Big Bang song is for you all. I've been missing recently due to getting fit into new school, friend, physically and mentally change. EVERYTHING is soo different now. Reasons why i write again is: Thanks to my fans who encourage me to keep posting
Right now, im still struggling getting in shape! YES! it is almost due date which is on Hari Raya and that day i have to face my cousin again. READ ABOUT HIM later on on previous page. ^^ SCHOOL: Everything's great and I'm kind of active this year. I was so happy to be chosen for Rakan Pembaca and be a MENTOR! lol i know its kinda boring but I need "SIJIL" for my future studies. I also went for overnight Kadet Remaja Sekolah Peringkat Daerah camp for lans koperal and koperal. It was soo damn hard and very challenging. You have to be brave, self discipline, strong heart, will power and most importantly, STAMINA!
These are the list of KRS challenges: ~ kawad with yourself and instruction given by you ~ making tripod with given times ~ hafazan ~ run 2.5km for less than 16 mins. ~ cooking for survive ~ compas bearing ~ and many more, Plus, the leftenan MUDA there, were soo strict! he always give u detention for doing mistakes! even your shoes not in order, he will throw your shoes into mud!!! how scary !! i thought we all did put it in order and we all satisfied with finishes touch. lucky, mine's saved!! other than that, we almost sleep but leftenan's voice echoed saying "YOU ALL WILL GET DETENTION AT 3AM!!" about 30 minutes we're in bed, there's the voice we expected!!! He want us all to come out within 2 mins!! far out!! its 12.30 in the morning man!! and yes, he gave us suffer which is bend your knees and put your hands up in the air for 30 mins!!! after a week, i've got good news!! I got Koperal which was amazing!!! FRIEND:
For me, i think i did a great job for making lots of friends!! I was soo afraid to talk to Amy, Eva, Azie, Mirah, because these girls are kind of popular and socialize!! Honestly, i dont know what to talk about until one day, we happened to be closed. I do Have good friends which is closer, Wan Syafiqah and Jazmina. These two are normal girls who not soo socialize and nice. I just loved being friends with everyone. BOYS:
BOYS?? ahahha funny.. i happened to like looking at cute boys. it just me, a girl, so do girls who have feelings for boys right?? but I happened to be single and broke up with my ex-bf. its all my fault, and i feel sorry for him, i dont want to be with anyone right now. By the way, there was this form5 guy, he kept asking my class, for 3 times!! imagine girls, when there's a boy asking you the same question, doesn't it makes you feel like, "WHAT IS Wrong with him??" YEAH, THAT WAS ME, then, one day, he sat next to me, asking lots of questions than usual. One day, he asked my brother, "hows ur sister?". Sometimes, he made my heart beats faster than usual. It has been a long time since he did that, and he ignored me and seems like he forget about me. That is one of the reasons why i'm afraid to be with someone special. I also heard about his attitude towards girl. He's nice, caring but the way he treats his gf is wrong. Such as, kissing! no way, haram dont u know?? in my heart, i pray u will change everytime i see ur face. EXAM:
I have about a week to study for mid year exam!! Dont you know that i have 10 subjects and 24 papers to take?? -__- oh man, how i wish i'm at William Ruthven College taking VCE instead of SPM ! :O sad yeah.. huhuw but i wont give up!! so do u!! stop blogging for a while man, have ur but sit still on study chair and open a book and FOCUS ON STUDIES!! ok, seems like i have OVERWROTE this post. take care xoxo

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