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Good Morning
Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 5:04 PM |

Assalamualaikum to all... First thing first, it has been ages since i post nor log in to see whats happening with my blog. So how are you readers? I bet there are no more readers left right? So it's a new year.. 2013.. Time past very fast with a blinking eyes... from born till im turning 17 years old. Im getting older !!! arghhhhh so i better take care of myself now.. like seriously from teens soon to be pre adult. hermmm so wish me luck for my SPM cuz this year is my biggest year, which is i have lots of responsibility as a student, a daughter to my beautiful parents, sister to two brothers and a sunshine to my friends :P well kind of. This year has been great.. i just need to focus on my study, discipline and determined to lose weight !?? yes lose weight !~~ i think i lose quite slow but if u can, i know i can.. well i miss my blog.. since i left this and went on active instagram and twitter.. most of the at the twitter (with slang) twitter twitter twitter.. so come and follow me at @syiradali and my instagram : puterisyira thats all for now... bubyeeee see ya later xoxo

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