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12 more days left
Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 @ 2:00 AM |

Assalamualaikum, hello and annyeong !!!

I cannot believe that there are only 12 more days left until new year. World is getting old, people are getting fearless, but most of all we all are getting older. Have you read the news? Did you take notice about what's happening in reality? If you ask me, i dont really like to read. Especially newspaper but sometimes it does attracts me to take concern about people who are suffering right now. 
Wow i sounds like an adult now. I admit that I have mature a bit. :P 
So, what is your goal in another 12 days? 

My goal is still the same as past year goal. But I have to try harder and get the goals no matter what. 
Since I am an officially a member of FitnessFirst, and have 10 classes with my personal trainer, I have to be fit no matter what!!!
psss: He is quite a good looking trainer. :) 

NOTE TO 2013:

Dear 2013, it has been a delightful year and also been the worst year ever in my life. This is what we all say " Life is a bittersweet". I have struggled to do well in SPM examination for 2 years. But all I can say is that this year is the best moment in my life. I cried, I laugh, I fall in love, I dated, I cursed, I broke up and everything that i have been through make me stronger. School is over and I have graduated ! Who knows what will happen in the future. I just have to pray and tawakal to Allah.

So leave me a comment if you want me to do some diys. I have finish my room decor and need your response if you want me to show my bedroom. :) I will post more in the future. Dont cha worry mate. 

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