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My Journey to Get Fit
Posted on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 @ 8:01 AM |

Assalamualaikum and Hi :)

Tomorrow is Christmas Day so I would like to wish to all who are celebrating Christmas and wish u have a great time with your family or maybe your love one. Perhaps the guy will kiss you under the mistletoe?? :P This wish is for my friends especially Jane Kishore, Yifan Zhang, Nery, Alanah, Lavinia, and my friends who are now at Melbourne. Well, yeah there are ausie ... How I miss them soo much. So Merry Christmas to all..


Since I mentioned Melbourne, my bestfriend is departing to Melbourne, Australia !! I was like "OMG, you will spend your holiday there?? Lucky!! Send my regards to my friends and dont forget to try Rock Deli chips." If you were me, how would you react?? seriously i was in a mixed feelings.. well, never mind, i have spent there for about 2 years but still want to go there. !!!! 

Back to the topic, My Journey to Get Fit. I will go to FitnessFirst gym tomorrow and spending time with my trainer, Mr Amir Hatta. such a handsome guy lolz... so yeah tomorrow is my step closer to achieve my goal!! Just wish me luck will youu?? So thats all for now.. have a nice day... 

EXTRA: a few of my fitsporation favourites 

Instagram: Fitfoorme 💕
Instagram: Fitfoorme 💕
Fitness 4 Ladies's photos - Fitness 4 Ladies | via FacebookInstagram: Fitfoorme 💕

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