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Weightloss Diet
Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 @ 9:21 PM |


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone :)


    Yesterday I went to FitnessFirst and my first lesson with my PT (personal trainer) was great. My mom and I went there together and did fitness test first. It was hard but I love doing it. Honestly my whole body ached so much and I barely run for 10 minutes straight in 6.5 speed on the treadmill. I hate that !! So I have decided that I will achieve and push myself no matter what to be in a perfect shape. 

Here are the test that I did: 

  1. Push up
  2. Plank
  3. Balancing using one leg and eye closed
  4. Flexibility 

go workout

    Next, we filled up about me and personal goals section :D This is my best part on yesterday lesson. Hehehe
So I wrote down my main goal is to be in a perfect shape. As for my mom is to be healthy. How high do I want this? I ticked extremely high. This shows how bad I want to achieve this goal of mine. Next, I wrote down to be in shape before my SPM result comes out.

    Then, we went for change. We smelled so bad and decided just putting some perfume and change that's all. Even though there are showers, hairdryers,even a sauna and steam room, we just changed and went.


Here is the diet that has been told on what should I eat: 

  • Breakfast: eat oats, cereal with milk ( I prefer weetbix with milk) +my favourite

  • Lunch: eat a big meal: you can have rice but used brown rice and just 1/4 of the plate. I prefer salad with chicken. One more thing, you cannot have meat but only chicken and fish. Do not fry but change to grill, steam or baked.

  • Dinner: eat fruits only. (my favourite) so just eat fruit salad then 

 Timeline Photos | via FacebookThe Sims <3

         Later, dad drove us to Sunway Pyramid. There was a traffic jam at the parking lot. Since yesterday was christmas day, people went shopping and there was lots of discount. We shop till we drop and ate dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market. The food was great and the restaurant was in a full house. We waited quite long. I was sleepy after the workout. My mom told me that I look like a walking zombie in the mall. Then, here is the best part. I was rejuvenating after I found Sims 3 ps3 dvd game. OMG!!! I was so happy and excited after I found it since I has been looking for it for ages. !! So happy and just bought it. hehehehe

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